Leap at Halland Tech Week!

Halland Tech Week 2022, 11-14 October. Leap will be participating with a workshop and Innovation Jam at HTW – a week filled with lectures, activities and networking opportunities from morning to evening. Don't miss out!

Innovation Jam – 13th of October 14:00-15:00

Are you curious about the possibilities of the future of healthcare? At Halland Tech Week we will run an Innovation Jam led by moderator Rebecca Sellergren in a meeting with various interesting guests from business sector and the Region of Halland who will talk and discuss current challenges and future opportunities in Connected Health.

The theme for this particular Innovation Jam will be export outside Halland/Sweden. This Innovation Jam will be held in Swedish.


Joanna Boquist, Head of Vinnova in Tel Aviv

Joanna Boquist, [MBA] Head of Vinnova in Tel Aviv

Joanna Boquist is Head of Vinnova in Tel Aviv. She has a degree in Physics Engineering from Lund University and an MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Joanna has spent her career promoting Swedish solutions in international contexts. Before moving to Tel Aviv Joanna was based at Vinnova’s HQ in Stockholm for 3 years at the Department of Health. Joanna has also worked at Business Sweden in Poland and China, and in the private sector with Business Development in the life science industry. In Israel she has a mission to build bridges between the Swedish and Israeli innovation ecosystem.

Britta Stensson, [PhD] Program Manager, Business Ecosystem Life Science

Britta Stenson is Program Manager for Life Science at Business Sweden. She holds a PhD from Karolinska Institutet and has worked at the Swedish Brain Foundation, with mammography at Philips and as a management consultant in healthcare and Life Science. Today, Britta is passionate about helping Swedish Life Science companies increase their global sales and helping international companies invest and expand in Sweden, with a focus on Connected Health.

  • Time: 13th October, 14:00-15:00.
  • Location: Leap for Life, Halmstad University (you will find us in the glass corridor opposite Mangold restaurant).
  • Maximum number: 45 on site at our premises (first come first served), you can also participate digitally with unlimited number of seats. Please indicate whether you want to participate physically or digitally when you sign up.

We will also organise a workshop: "Information driven healthcare - turning data into health for patients and quality of care" with several exciting participants and facilitators from Region Halland, Halland Hospital and Halmstad University.

Workshop: Information driven healthcare – turning data into health for patients and quality of care

13th of October 11:00-12:30

In this workshop you will get insights about how Halmstad University and Region Halland in Sweden have developed a leading European competence node for information driven care. The work has been carried out in close collaboration with strategic partners from the private and public sector. The work includes systematic use of healthcare data safely and responsibly to improve care delivery and patient safety while providing deeper insights into actual resources utilized across patient pathways. Artificial intelligence is applied to complex data to identify patterns and make actionable predictions supporting fact based precision healthcare.


Kobra (Farzaneh) Etminani

Kobra (Farzaneh) Etminani

Associate Professor in Machine Learning, Halmstad University

Kobra (Farzaneh) Etminani is an Associate Professor in Machine Learning at the Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR), Halmstad University. She has a PhD in Computer Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2013. Kobra has worked on various topics and application areas within Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Mining, and Deep Learning (DL) in the last decade focused on healthcare, district heating, and mobility. Her main research focus is on solving real-world problems, which are concentrated in a healthier society with the help of AI and ML, if possible and applicable. Her recent research focus is on patient trajectories and eXplainable AI (XAI) in precision healthcare at CAISR-Health research profile, where she works as the Deputy Profile Leader.

Kobra (Farzaneh) Etminani

Martin Engström

Director of Health and Medical Services, Region Halland

Martin Engström has a background in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at Lund University Hospital, sub-specialised in Intensive Care Medicine. He also took the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC). Martin has since 2007 been a leader of both public and private healthcare organisations. In 2015 he assumed the role of managing director of the Halland Hospital and has since early 2019 Healthcare Director in Region Halland including the managerial responsibility for all public healthcare in the region. He is deeply involved in the development of information driven healthcare and co-author of the Handbook of Information Driven Care, where he authored the chapter on Leadership Perspectives.

Kobra (Farzaneh) Etminani

Markus Lingman

Senior Consulting Cardiologist, Halland Hospital

Markus Lingman has a background as a Senior Consulting Cardiologist, Internal Medicine Specialist Physician, as well as a member of the higher-level Healthcare Management. His research is currently focused towards applied artificial intelligence in healthcare and the health economy. His efforts in Information driven care named him AI Swede of the year 2020, and earlier this year the Handbook of Information drive care was published, with Markus as the primary author.

Kobra (Farzaneh) Etminani

Carolina Samuelsson

CEO, Halland Hospital

Carolina Samuelsson has a clinical background in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine from several healthcare systems in Sweden and Australia. Before her current position, she managed the merger between two large Departments at Skåne University Hospital and led one of Sweden’s largest clinical departments for perioperative care. She was also appointed Project Manager for the digitalization transformation of the care information system at Skåne University Hospital. She has operated in numerous leadership roles on various management levels and has been designated nominee in Dagens Medicin Leader of the Future. Her research background is broad, including pre-clinical research, epidemiology, healthcare-associated infections, neurointensive care and communication.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT 11 - 14 October 08:00 - 18:00 Leap for Life
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