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Leap for Life offers a range of different possibilities within innovation support. Contact us for more information!

For the business sector and public sector

  • Innovation projects
  • Competence panels for businesses
  • Meeting with a competence panel
  • Test environments

Competence Panel

Leap for Life offers companies and innovators the opportunity to meet people with certain experience and competence from municipalities, region, or within research, to discuss their ideas. This meeting gives you who work with a product or service towards regional or municipal areas, the opportunity to present and ask questions to individuals who can give you valuable input into the development process or the business model around it.
The competence panel takes place in digital or physical format for two hours and is facilitated by a moderator from Leap for Life. In order to get as much as possible out of the effort, we will discuss what expertise is needed and which issues should be raised for discussion. The preparations also include giving feedback on the presentation you plan to show to the panel.

Knowledge Overview

We offer knowledge overviews for small and medium enterprises (SME) and the public sector who want to deepen their understanding and utilize existing research in the field of health data. We begin by collaboratively defining a set of questions to guide the process. Then, we systematically collect knowledge from scientific texts and documents, such as theses, research articles, and reports. The collected material is thoroughly reviewed, analysed, and presented both written and orally.

A knowledge overview provides an opportunity to consolidate existing knowledge in a field, identify knowledge gaps, and highlight the needs for further research. It can also be used to support arguments, inform decision-making, or develop policies for the public sector or SME:s.

Meet an Expert

Leap for Life offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators, or the public sector to come into contact with and meet a specific in-demand competence. An expert can, for example, be an employee from a municipal or regional operation, an entrepreneur, or a researcher. Leap for Life organises and facilitates the meeting. The meeting lasts between 60-90 minutes.

Test panel

We coordinate a test panel of presumptive users who are introduced to and get to test a product or service. The test is carried out during a defined and timed occasion, e.g., half a day. The test is rigged based on pre-defined questions that the company and Leap for Life develop together. The test results are summarised and presented in a written report. 

A test panel can quickly give feedback on a product or service and is used to advantage when, for example, a user interface must be evaluated. The test is carried out in Leap's premises or in an environment suitable for the test.

Test prep

In the test prep service, we offer support and advice in preparation for a test or pilot project launch. Together we look at what preparations needs to be made before testing the product or service in a simulated or real environment. We can for example go through which type of test is suitable, how the test can be carried out, how the test can be documented, which agreements that might need to be drawn up etcetera.

Access to an incubator and an accelerator program

We get to know your challenges and look at how those can be matched to appropriate resources and offers that can take your business forward. We look at existing incubator and accelerator programs in the west of Sweden. 

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Virginia Wiman Project Manager CareWare Nordic Halmstad University +46 72 381 28 47

Contact test environments

Emma Börjesson Project Manager Halmstad University +46 76 721 91 61

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Peter Uppman Business Coordinator Region Halland +46 35 13 48 00