Digital care in nordic homes

On October 7, five companies presented their digital solutions for care at home during a presentation day arranged by Leap for Life. An event that gathered international participants both digitally and in the studio, and that was appreciated by the presenting companies.

The concept of presentation days originated in Aarhus, Denmark within the CareWare project and has spread to colleagues in Viborg, Sweden, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

– We started doing this type of event to be able to contribute to a better welfare for our citizens, a better work environment for those working and a better economy. The idea having spread to Danish, Norwegian and Swedish colleagues shows it is appreciated and a working concept, says Kirsten Rud Bentholm, Coordinator, CareWare Nordic, Aarhus.

The event was recorded and is available in Swedish.

Presenting comanies

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Martin Fredriksen, COO Nordics, presented.

Dignio is a Nordic based company and market leader in Norway within virtual health, with customers in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, UK and China. With Dignio’s remote care platform, healthcare providers can build their own virtual wards matching a wide range of patient pathways and incorporate digital remote monitoring to break down traditional silos, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, and keep patients safe in their own homes. Our customers apply the solution for remote patient monitoring of Covid-19, chronical diseases, medication adherence support, long term condition management, mental health and much more.

Dignio External link.

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Fredrik Koffner, CCO & Co-Founder presented.

With growing populations, increased age and more people at home living with chronic disease, digitalisation of distributed healthcare must step up. Our vision is to lead the way to the future of connected healthcare, enabling substantial cost savings and increased quality of life for the individual.


Cuviva External link.

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Daniel Koernig, Chief Product Officer and Masoud Jadidi, Executive Vice President International presented.

ImagineCare focuses entirely on solutions within self-care support/self-monitoring. As the only supplier in Sweden, we have established self-monitoring in two regions based on competitive procurement. Part of our focus is also to integrate with partners when it comes to special flows and diagnostic groups as well as when it comes to general support for digital care.

ImagineCare External link.

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Cross Technology Solutions

Cathrin Jung, Head of Communications och Thomas Bergqwist, CEO and founder presented.

LifePod is a decision support system for the healthcare provider that, through an automatic and unique priority function, identifies the patients in most need – available anywhere and at any time. The patient has access to an individualized application for self-care and reporting of values to the caregiver. LifePod is certified as a medical device and is currently available for about ten different diagnoses. LifePod is made by the Swedish innovation company Cross Technology Solutions.

Cross Technology Solutions External link.

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Siemens Healthineers

Fredrik Gustafsson, Manager for Digital Health, presented.

We drive innovation to help humans live healthier and longer. When our health is at risk, we rely on physicians to make the best possible decisions – from quick, early diagnoses to the most effective treatments and follow-ups. We help physicians, medical staff, and healthcare providers prevent illnesses from occurring and correctly diagnose and determine the right treatments for people who do become ill, helping them to recover faster.

Siemens Healthcare och Open TeleHealth Apps External link.

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