VR and AR in healthcare

What possibilities and challenges are there concerning the new technical tools VR and AR when used within healthcare? That is what healthcare staff from Sweden, Norway and Denmark learnt more about in a meeting with Nordic businesses and organisations – all of them with a focus on digital technologies and stand-bys.

“At Leap for Life, we work to support the business sector in Halland. We assist companies with competence, development, testing, network and exposure. A few times per year, we arrange presentation days where we invite a number of companies within a specific field and give them the opportunity to present their solutions to professionals within municipalities and regions”, says Max Angenius, Interaction Designer at the innovation centre Leap for Life.

During a presentation day on October 8, the theme was how virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can create value within healthcare. The purpose of the day was to connect businesses with public organisations – partly to get a deeper understanding of what possibilities and challenges there are concerning VR and AR within healthcare, and partly to enable new collaborations and stimulate growth.

En man med färgglad skjorta och brunt hår ser in i kameran. Porträttfoto.

Max Angenius, Interaction Designer at the innovation centre Leap for Life.

"The presentation day showed that VR and AR offer a wide range of possibilities for healthcare. The seven companies that presented showed several areas of possible use, for example educating healthcare staff and solutions for different challenges within mental health."

One of the companies that presented was Konfront which is based in Copenhagen. Konfront has developed a digital platform which can support healthcare for mental health.

“I now have more knowledge of the technology and know more about how many companies that are active in this field. We were also able to network during the day and listen to the other companies’ presentations”, says Simone Dissing from Konfront.

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