New Head of Operations Appointed at Leap for Life

Simon Holmesson is appointed new Head of Operations at Leap for Life. He currently holds the position of Director of International Relations at Halmstad University, a role he will combine with his new position at Leap for Life.

On 1 April, Simon Holmesson will step in as the Acting Head of Operations for Halland's collaborative arena for health innovation. Since the beginning of the year, he has been part of Leap for Life's steering group, giving him a solid understanding of the operations. He also brings extensive experience in change management and development within the health sector, including work with the Swedish Cancer Foundation and the World Health Organisation. Simon Holmesson succeeds Anna Maria Mårtensson, who will remain with the organisation, focusing more on further developing the operational processes in innovation work.

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Simon Holmesson becomes the new Acting Operational Manager for Leap for Life. Image: Dan Bergmark

A Regional Arena for Health Innovation

Leap for Life is Halland's collaborative arena for health innovation that, together with the region, municipalities, academia, small and medium enterprises, and civil society, drives innovation to create change in healthcare. The entities behind Leap for Life include Region Halland, the municipalities of Halland, and Halmstad University, where Leap for Life is also based. In terms of organisation, Leap for Life is part of the School of Information Technology — a strong educational and research environment covering everything from AI and information-driven care to cybersecurity, robotics, and digital design.

"I am very pleased that Simon has agreed to lead Leap for Life forward in its important mission. I am convinced that his experience in the health sector and his drive to create positive change will be of great importance in developing Leap for Life and strengthening collaboration with various stakeholders," says Cristofer Englund, Dean of the School of Information Technology, Halmstad University

Collaboration for Change

Leap for Life plays a key role in driving innovation in close collaboration with the ecosystem of healthcare development, business development, and research in Halland. By bringing together different stakeholders and developing new solutions that meet tomorrow's challenges and needs, they collectively create a sustainable and positive change in health, care, and social services.

"I look forward to keep building on the fantastic work that has already been done within health innovation and to driving the operations forward to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Leap for Life should be the innovation arena that promotes entrepreneurship, creates patient benefits, and ultimately improves healthcare throughout Halland," says Simon Holmesson.


Simon Holmesson, Acting Head of Operations Leap for Life
Phone: +46 70 686 62 32

Cristofer Englund, Dean of the School of Information Technology, Halmstad University
Phone: +46 70 856 02 27


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