Innovations for Personalised Care

At the moment, Swedish healthcare is undergoing a historic transformation with the aim of organizing and delivering care with a greater focus on the patient's individual needs and circumstances. Personalised care can be described as the overarching goal of this transformation. The business sector plays a crucial role as developers of products and services for the healthcare sector, where adaptation to the growing needs is essential to meet market challenges. Collaboration is key to creating innovative and tailored solutions that benefit both healthcare and its users.

Project Period



The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Region Halland.

Collaboration Partners

Falkenberg Municipality, Halmstad Municipality, HighFive, Hylte Municipality, Kungsbacka Municipality, Laholm Municipality, Varberg Municipality, and Region Halland.

Omtanke Halland

"Omtanke Halland" is the shared vision developed for the transition to good and close care and social services. The vision was developed on behalf of leading politicians in the municipal and regional leadership forum (KRF), a collaborative function for the municipalities of Halland and Region Halland, and was adopted in November 2022. The purpose of the vision is to set a direction for how healthcare and social services in Halland should develop towards good and close care and social services that are cohesive, person-centered, and close. The vision also defines four success factors for the work on good and close care and social services in Halland. They should be:

  • Promoting Health
  • Shared
  • Simple
  • Safe

In the vision, the four success factors are described from three perspectives: What they mean for the individual, for healthcare and social services employees, and at an organizational level.

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