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Today's healthcare systems are challenged by a growing and aging population, which demands more efficient and smarter treatments. The challenge lies in the fact that the healthcare budget is not increasing at the same rate as the need for it. At the same time, new opportunities for treatment are emerging due to rapid technological development and improved decision support with the help of algorithms and AI. Learning more from health data can support these changes and contribute to better healthcare in a cost-effective way.

About the Project

Health Data Sweden (HDS) is a national initiative consisting of 18 collaborative partners such as universities, colleges, regions, innovation environments, and research institutes. The digital innovation hub's strength lies in expertise in the field of health data, combined with an ecosystem consisting of the partners' networks. Through HDS, competence and service offerings are intended to transfer knowledge to the public sector, business, and ultimately citizens.


One of the purposes of Health Data Sweden is to increase the use of and accessibility to health data to contribute to more efficient healthcare. An important task is therefore to meet the great need for services that contribute to small and medium-sized enterprises in collaboration with the public sector to develop new digital health and welfare services. In addition to better health for the individual, these services can also help solve major demographic societal challenges, such as making healthcare more accessible and equitable.

Project Period



EU Digital, Vinnova, and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Eruf).

Collaboration Partners

Blekinge Institute of Technology, Blue Science Park, Bron Innovation, DigitalWell Arena, eHealth Arena, EIT Digital, EIT Health, Halmstad University (Leap for Life), Karlstad University, Karolinska Institute, Royal Institute of Technology, Linnaeus University, Life Medicine – Region Västerbotten, Stockholm Region, Stockholm University, Stockholm Science City, STUNS Life Science, and Uppsala University.

More information

Read more about HDS on the project's website External link.

European Digital Innovation Hub

Health Data Sweden is one of Sweden's four European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH).

A European digital innovation hub could be explained as the EU's extended arm to drive digitalization locally and regionally in each country. The purpose is to accelerate digitalization in both the business sector and the public sector in Europe. An EDIH can be described as functioning as a "one-stop shop" for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is achieved through projects that lead to benefits in the form of services, products, and methods with a market-oriented proximity. Holding the position of an EDIH also provides access to a wide range of funding opportunities and participation in other specific European projects.

The Royal Institute of Technology is the coordinator for Health Data Sweden, and in Halland, Halmstad University is responsible, where Leap for Life and the Health Data Centre lead and collaborate together.

Health Data Sweden's 18 collaborative partners:

Blekinge Digital Health, Bron Innovation, DigitalWell Arena, eHealth Arena, EIT Digital, EIT Health, Future Position X, Leap for Life/Högskolan i Halmstad, Karolinska Institutet, KTH (koordinator), Linnéuniversitetet, Livsmedicin, Region Stockholm, RISE, Stockholm Science City, Stockholms universitet, STUNS Life Science, Uppsala universitet (UU).

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