Inspirational presentation day on digital services for self-care

On December 3, healthcare staff and entrepreneurs from both Sweden and Denmark met during a digital presentation day, arranged by Leap for Life. Participants took part in inspirational presentations and exchanged experiences, in order to learn more about how digital products and services can support individuals' self-care at home.

"At Leap for Life, we work, with among other things, creating opportunities for knowledge exchange between the business community and healthcare professionals. A couple of times per year, we therefore arrange so-called presentation days where we invite a number of companies in a specific area, who then present their solutions to staff at municipalities and regions", says Elin Jonsson, Research Engineer at Leap for Life and responsible for the presentation day on digital self-care services that was held on December 3.

Digital services is a wide term used for are all kinds of IT support, such as digital tools, web systems and electronic services. It can be anything from digital solutions adapted for large organisations and companies, to services for individuals such as an app or a website. A digital service for self-care is a service with a patient interface with the purpose for individuals to be able to keep track of their illness or habits, for example an app that measures blood pressure. In order for healthcare staff to find out which digital products and services for self-care that are available, Leap for Life arranged a presentation day within the area.

Knowledge exchange and inspiring examples

There were 37 participants at the presentation day, representing municipalities, regions and businesses in both Sweden and Denmark. The day offered presentations by companies, as well as an exchange of experiences within digital services for self-care. The participants learned more about how patients and their relatives can benefit from self-care prescribed by caregivers, by monitoring or following up their state of health themselves with the support of digital services and sensors. The discussions and question time during the presentation day allowed the participants to interact, learn from and inspire each other.

Lovisa Sjögren and Anne Börjesson, from the pediatric clinic in Region Halland and Kungsbacka municipality, respectively, spoke about their experiences of implementing and using digital services in a project about children and young people in special need of support:

"We, in the healthcare sector, must develop healthcare to know what we want it to be like when new care information systems are coming. It is important to keep up with the development and to use digital tools that children and young people communicate with today".

Elin Jonsson at Leap for Life is pleased with the day:

"The presentations inspired the speakers and the audience – both by each other and by the width of services that were shown during the day. We hope that the presentation day can lead to further collaborative projects in the area of digital services for self-care, projects that Leap for Life is happy to participate in and support", says Elin Jonsson.

En kvinna ler och ser in i kameran. Porträttfoto.

Elin Jonsson, Research Engineer at Leap for Life and responsible for the presentation day on digital services for self-care held on December 3.

Elin Jonsson Research Engineer Halmstad University +46 72 977 37 62

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