Leap leads new project to support businesses in Halland after the pandemic

Halmstad University has, together with HighFive and Region Halland been granted funds for the project Datadriven Innovation i Halland. The project will be led by Leap for Life and will be strengthening businesses in Halland in restarting and adapting after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Datadriven Innovation i Halland stems from the two existing projects AI.m and Testmiljö Halland. Both projects help businesses develop and improve in different ways. In the new project, Leap for Life and HighFive will offer a wider range of solutions and more flexibility than the previous projects have.

Leaps logotyp bredvid HighFives logotyp på en bakgrund där det förkommer två händer, en datorskärm och en whiteboardtavla.

“We need this project to really make the most out of one of the country’s best innovation environments and to strengthen the local business sector. Halland has two strong arenas: HighFive, that works wide, no matter the branch of industry, and Leap for Life, that focuses on information driven care”, says Anna Petersson, Innovation Leader at HighFive, who, together with Anne-Christine Hertz, Manager at Leap for Life, leads the new project.

The businesses will go through an innovation process where they get help to map out, actualise and try prototypes of different business models. Region Halland is helping to fund the project and the region’s department for the business sector plays an important role in developing local businesses.

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Anna Petersson, Innovation Leader at HighFive and Anne-Christine Hertz, Manager at Leap for Life.

About the project

The project period is between June 2021 and June 2023. The project has received a total of SEK 12.2 million from the European regional development fund, Region Halland and Halmstad University.

Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden

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