New handbook from experts within information driven care

Recently, the handbook En handbook för informationsdriven vård – insikter från insidan, was released. It contains a collection of unique knowledge from professionals in the area. The handbook talks about the work that is going on within information driven care, which lessons have been learned and how it actually happens, through experiences from reality.

The book consists of chapters ranging from law to technical infrastructure and is based on experiences from several people within the area. The handbook is created to act as a base when working with information driven care, relying on actual happenings which portray the real world, as well as starting a though process about how to work with needs within healthcare, in relation to resources.

Orange book with title and two animated figures having a konversation.

About the handbook

The book is published by AI Sweden, together with Vinnova, Region Halland, Halmstad University, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions and Karolinska University Hospital.

The book is only available in Swedish. Contact Anne-Christine Hertz to get one.

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