Halmstad University strengthens competence within information driven care

Seven researchers are being recruited to further strengthen the University's research and education in information driven care and health innovation.


“Halmstad University aims, together with Region Halland, to develop a leading European competence node for information driven care. Our new employees, their knowledge and experience are important steps towards this goal”, says Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, incoming Deputy Vice-Chancellor for research at Halmstad University.

The following people are being recruited to, during the period 2021–2023, work in different ways and to varying extent with education, research and development of information driven care based on AI tools and methods and processes for implementation in healthcare:

  • Markus Lingman, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Region Halland
  • Carl Macrae, Visiting Professor of Digital Safety, Nottingham University Business School, Nottingham University, UK
  • Margit Neher, Postdoctoral Fellow in Implementation Science, School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University
  • Per Nilsen, Visiting Professor of Healthcare Service and Management and Leadership/Health Economy, Linköping University (Halmstad University’s Bennet Professor from May 2021)
  • Julie Reed, Visiting Professor in Implementation Science, NIHR CLAHRC North West London, UK (Halmstad University’s Bennet Professor from May 2022)
  • Carl Savage, Visiting Research Fellow in Healthcare Service and Management and Leadership, Karolinska Institutet
  • Torkel Strömsten, Visiting Professor of Industrial Management specialising in Management Accounting and Financial Control, Stockholm School of Economics

About information driven care

Information driven care implicates that AI is used to analyse and draw conclusions about collected health data in order to achieve fact-based and individualised precision health. By taking advantage and learning from the data generated, both from every individual’s contact with healthcare and from, for example, sensors in intelligent environments, healthcare staff and hospital managements can make more informed decisions for healthcare to become safer and more efficient.

About implementation research

Implementation research focuses on understanding individual, contextual and organisational factors that influence the introduction of new innovations. In information driven care, the focus is on creating knowledge, methods and guiding processes for implementing innovations. This creates value through increased quality, safety and efficiency in healthcare and applies knowledge obtained from advanced analysis of healthcare data. Through implementation research, knowledge is obtained that can be applied to shape the change work needed to translate research and development to practice.

The Bennet Professorship

Since 2014, Carl Bennet AB has been contributing funds to finance a professorship at Halmstad University, called the Bennet Professorship. The Bennet Professorship aims to stimulate the building of new research specialisations or to further develop existing specialisations to an international level. The holder of the Bennet Professorship can either be an international Visiting Professor who has been active for a time at Halmstad University, or a Professor who is permanently employed and who holds the Professorship for a period of three years. A Bennet Professor must have excellent international research credentials, good research networks and a great interest in collaborating with external parties.

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