Start-up for new EU project in welfare technology

Leap for Life has, together with Region Halland, several Danish municipalities and other partners, been granted funds for the EU project CareWare Nordic 2. It is a three-year collaborative project between Swedish and Danish partners that aims to create meeting places between business and healthcare for development and implementation of welfare technology solutions.

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Virginia Wiman

The project is based on the collected experiences and results from CareWare Nordic, which was carried out in 2018–2022. When it was time to start the project, all partners gathered in Halmstad.

“It feels great that the new project is up and running. We have taken the best from the first phase of CareWare Nordic and developed the project so that there is even more focus on the needs of the municipalities and regions”, says Virginia Wiman, responsible project manager at Leap for Life.

The startup conference aimed to solidify the activities, tasks, and roles involved in the project and establish a schedule and plan of action.

“My aim is that with CareWare Nordic 2 we should be able to support the innovation system in regions, municipalities and private companies through competence development and the development of a collaborative platform”, says Anna-Karin Holst Johannsen, overall project manager for CareWare Nordic 2.

Interregional cooperation

The project is supported by the EU-funded program Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (ÖKS), which is supporting cooperation across borders through project funding. Although Denmark and Sweden have several differences, such as laws and regulations, the two countries have found a common denominator in developing welfare technology.

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Anna-Karin Holst Johannsen

“In the Nordic region, we are far ahead in the development and implementation of welfare technology solutions. However, the Nordic market is small and relatively isolated and therefore cross-border cooperation can lead to more innovation and targeted development of solutions in the health area and a more successful implementation to the benefit of both municipalities, regions and companies”, says Anna-Karin Holst Johannsen.

Virginia Wiman agrees:

“There are many similarities in the challenges both countries are facing and through our close cooperation we have good opportunities to create value for the citizens of both Sweden and Denmark”.

Future-oriented investment in health innovation

In order to meet tomorrow's needs in healthcare, an investment in health innovation and welfare technology is required, and CareWare Nordic 2 is part of that investment.

During the first phase of the project a number of meeting places and platforms were developed to share the latest knowledge and experience in the field of welfare technology.

These platforms and meeting places will be used in the next phase of the project to further strengthen collaboration between companies, public organisations, academia, and civil society around the development of new joint solutions. Solutions that will contribute to better and more skills development, needs identification, user involvement, and implementation in welfare.

Leap for Life has a coordinating role in the project and is very pleased after the conference.

Virginia Wiman concludes, "My main takeaway from these days is that we have a well-composed project group, where we bring various perspectives and skills that will be beneficial in our work with needs analysis and solutions."

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