New EU project to promote innovations for healthcare in Halland

The EU project "Innovationer för nära vård" has been granted funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and Region Halland, with a total project budget of nearly 17 million SEK. In the project, Leap for Life, in collaboration with Region Halland, the municipalities of Halland, and the innovation arena HighFive, will work to strengthen the innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in the health sector.

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With increasing challenges in healthcare, a transformation is needed. To accelerate the pace of change, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions emphasizes the importance of collaborating with innovators and the business sector, as well as creating solutions together with businesses, academia, society, and the public sector.

The purpose of " Innovationer för nära vård" is to provide support to businesses in developing products and services that contribute to more person-centered and coordinated care – all based on genuine needs and conditions.

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Emma Börjesson, projektledare

Transition to a more individualised care

Currently, Swedish healthcare is undergoing a historic transformation with the goal of organising and providing care with a greater focus on the individual needs and conditions of the patient. Good and individualised care, can be described as an overarching goal of the ongoing transformation.

"The transition to good and individualised care is taking place in all Swedish municipalities and regions, where the business sector is identified as an important actor in this journey of change. However, it is not quite clear how, and with this project, we want to involve the business sector in the transition," says Emma Börjesson, Project Manager at Leap for Life.

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Loisa Cedergren, projektledare

Increased innovation speed through collaboration

With a complex healthcare market and lengthy implementation processes, the speed of innovation needs to increase. "Innovationer för nära vård" will address this challenge by promoting collaboration among different stakeholders.

"By bringing together various actors in the field, the business sector gets a unique opportunity to meet healthcare professionals who are willing to contribute their thoughts and opinions to develop a product that they actually need and will use," continues Loisa Cedergren, project manager at Leap for Life.

All partners in the project share a common vision to increase the innovation capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in Halland while striving to improve healthcare. By providing access to research, experts, and users in healthcare, companies can get the right support to develop new solutions.

"This project is truly inspiring and is a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the transition to local care for all," summarizes Peter Uppman, Innovation Strategist at Region Halland.

The project will start in the end of 2023 and is expected to continue until 2027.

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