Students Awarded for Innovative Health Projects

Leap for Life's new scholarship for health innovation has sparked great interest, and many driven students at Halmstad University have submitted their applications. The scholarship committee had a challenging task in selecting the most interesting projects, but after careful consideration, three projects that stood out a little extra were chosen.


The scholarship recipients received their diplomas during yesterday's Utexpo at Halmstad University. The awards were presented by Leap for Life's acting operational manager Simon Holmesson. Erica Nilsson is missing in the photo.

Innovation for Change

Leap for Life's Health Innovation Scholarship, established in 2024, aims to inspire students to create solutions that can transform the future of health, care, and welfare. Some students who truly stood out in creativity, relevance, and potential impact on the health sector were Jennifer Cannon, Erica Nilsson, Matilda Ahlgren, Kalle Folkesson Ullenby, Ellinor Nilsson, and Sofie Krüger, who all shared the total scholarship amount of 30,000 SEK.

Behind the graduation project "Democratizing Prosthetics" are development engineers Jennifer Cannon and Erica Nilsson. On the classic question of how it feels to receive the scholarship, the students respond:

"It feels absolutely fantastic! So much fun to be recognized for the work we have done. Our thesis is about improving the life status of other people, and we have identified a significant problem affecting many and come up with a solution."

Making a Difference

Jennifer and Erica's work focuses on improving the accessibility of prosthetics in developing countries through advanced technology like 3D scanning and 3D printing, as well as material reuse. The inspiration behind their project is about making a real difference.

"The desire to make a change is what inspired us. To help others who are not as fortunate to be born in a country like Sweden. When Christoffer Lindhe from Lindhe Xtend AB and Halmstad University presented this project, we were quick to jump on board," says Jennifer.

Journey to Malawi

Jennifer and Erica have learned a lot during the project's course, especially about the challenges people in developing countries face.

"We have gained insight into how incredibly vulnerable people are in developing countries and how grateful we are to live in a country like Sweden. Everything from functioning infrastructure and welfare to being able to educate ourselves and live in an inclusive society," Erica adds.

They also mention that they want to use the scholarship money to travel to Malawi this summer to see the situation in the country firsthand.

"The hope is that with the help of the scholarship, we can go to Malawi and conduct a field study to then start a pilot project," the happy scholarship recipients conclude.

Three Awarded Graduation Projects

Democratizing Prosthetics
Scholarship Recipients: Jennifer Cannon and Erica Nilsson
Program: Development Engineering Program
Amount: 15,000 SEK
Motivation: The project introduces a groundbreaking business model, Circular Business Model Canvas, with the aim of improving the accessibility of prosthetics in developing countries. By utilizing advanced technology such as 3D scanning and 3D printing, as well as material reuse, the project presents a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the manufacturing and distribution of prosthetics. Through mobile clinics, which manufacture and customize prosthetics on-site, the quality of life for amputees is improved while reducing environmental impact.

Scholarship Recipients: Matilda Ahlgren and Kalle Folkesson Ullenby
Program: Development Engineering Program
Amount: 7,500 SEK
Motivation: GTechnologies aims to develop a groundbreaking technological solution to prevent hypoglycemia in children with type 1 diabetes, a major issue for both families and healthcare. By combining advanced sensor technology with an intuitive smartphone app and a secure pump, they propose a system that not only improves the quality of life for those affected but also reduces the risk of severe medical complications.

Scholarship Recipients: Ellinor Nilsson and Sofie Krüger
Program: Development Engineering Program
Amount: 7,500 SEK
Motivation: Through their dedicated work and innovative thinking, the FlexiCare project deserves recognition and support for its contribution to improving the quality and safety of care for patients dependent on respiratory support.

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